Packaging Table Rack

Our team of experts aim to make packaging process faster and more convenient for all.

Customizable Packaging Table

This rack is intended to support the current e-commerce business model by enhancing and improving the packing process, ultimately reducing the time required to fulfill orders. Our heavy-duty workbenches are robust, durable, and meet the industry’s highest quality standards. As a result, they are ideal for workbenches or packing goods of any kind. In addition, Synstech’s packing tables are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them ideal for transport to the job site. To make it mobile, you can add casters and a convenient handle to your heavy-duty workbench.

Sturdy Packaging Table

Synstech designs, manufacture, and sells a variety of packing tables. Our tables are made of strong tubular steel and are designed to resist the rigors of busy warehouses and storage areas. Businesses require strong tables on which to rely in warehouses and other areas where a large volume of orders is prepared for dispatch. Our packing tables are made of high-quality tubular steel and have sturdy tops and shelves that are built to withstand heavy loads.

Step 1:

Site Visit & Evaluation 

We determine the project's objectives during the site inspection. When our crew arrives with the necessary tools, they will take measurements, inspect the building completely, and then share their findings with you, the customer.

Step 2:

Proposal Submittal

Your allocated sales representative will collaborate with the team to configure a strategy that will best meet your needs using the information gathered during the site inspection. The project idea will subsequently be presented for evaluation.

Step 3:

Contract Execution

Our crew starts working as soon as the contract is signed! Designing, submitting, and getting Building & High Pile Plans approved is our area of expertise.

Step 4:

Permit Approval & Material Delivery

In order to ensure that we are prepared to start installation as soon as permits are obtained, our team schedules material deliveries to coincide with those dates.

Step 5:


We have a professional, bonded, and insured installation team. We promise that your project will be successfully completed from beginning to end since we will have a Project Manager, an Install Manager, and a Head Foreman on site.

Step 6:

Inspection By The City & Client Sign Off

We plan the inspection and final walkthrough when installation is finished. The project receives approval from the relevant department if everything is in order.

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