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Warehouse storage on pallet racks makes better use of otherwise wasted available vertical space and improves overall warehouse organisation. All of our products are tested against stringent specifications in order to ensure their durability.

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Pallet loads play an important role in almost all of the company’s logistical stages, both inside the warehouse and during transport.

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A racking system benefits a busy warehouse by streamlining workflow and eliminating common hazards that can lead to workplace injury.

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Space Maximization

Our racking system enables businesses to build vertically, saving spaces and facilitating inventory and workflow management.

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Bulk Storage Capacity

Synstech’s pallet racking system expands the storage capacity in warehouses by bulk with high inventory needs.

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Customized System

Pallet racking can be customized to blend well with a warehouse’s infrastructure based on the type of stock and the shape of the space.

Shelving Solution

Pallets are one of the most important supply chain mechanisms, and they significantly impact the outcome of a shipment, such as whether a product arrives undamaged. In addition, pallet racking can significantly increase the cost efficiency of an operation, from the way they are packed to the storage system used.

Industries That We Served

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Food & Beverage


Pharmaceutical & Biotech


Cosmetics & Toiletries




Third Party Logistics


Warehouse Building

Organized Storage

Pallet Racking is used to organize storage distribution in most warehouses and distribution centers. Pallet racking optimizes available space and adapts to each company’s storage requirements. Before deciding on the best pallet racking system, the company must determine its storage requirements and current situation. In this phase, it should be determined whether to prioritize the selection of a system that fully optimizes available space because our warehouse has a small surface area or a very high per square meter floor price, or if available space is not an issue and the goal is to prioritize easy and quick access to the unit loads.

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Efficient & Safe Storage with Our Pallet Racking Systems

Our Pallet Racking Systems offer a safe and efficient storage solution for your warehouse or business. We offer a variety of options including selective, drive-in, and push-back racking to suit your specific needs. Contact us today to find the perfect pallet racking system for your business.