Cantilever Racking System

Medium Duty Racking System

Synstech Cantilever Rack create High Density Storage- maximizing cubic space Locations for oversized products Clear layout with easy access, as they do away with the need for vertical uprights at the front of the racking and use the minimum of space is ideal for storing difficult & long items such as PVC pipes, tubes, packs of timber or furniture. ALL AT LOWER COST!

HEAVY DUTY CANTILEVER Typically used in builder’s merchants, steel & aluminium stockholders, factories, warehouses and many other that are keeping long and heavy material .Cantilever arms can be modified flexibly for stored goods with different heights and loading requirements.

SYNSTECH created specially for every client to fit their specification and also to meet their expectation . CANTILEVER RACK SUPPORTED PLATFORM is a combination of cantilever and platform in order to store not only the main long material but also other remaining stocks for perfect stocks organizing . This system also help to fully utilize the space by adding the height instead.



Cost Saving

Fast Installation

Easy Loading