Steel Structure Platform and Roofing

Hassled by limited spaces for your growing business? With Synstech Steel Structural supported platform system, you can create an unimaginable space you had never thought of. For Synstech Steel structural supported office, a choice of exclusive timber or steel decking is available for your growing business to create more spaces. Mezzanine rack add a second or third level inside your facility to create more usable space. These mezzanines are customized to fit your exact area, height, color and load requirements.


  1. Create new production, office, storage or assembly space, locker rooms, parts departments, stockrooms, cafeterias, company records storage, work platforms, distribution centers and more. Mezzanines are professionally engineered, designed to meet all building codes.
  2. The bottom shelves support the upper platform, on which the second layer shelves are set. Taking full advantage of the space, it is a typical application for manual picking goods.The same effect may be reached by paving deck on the pillars.


Cost Saving

Fast Installation

Easy Loading