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Synstech has established a strong reputation as the leading boltless rack supplier in this country for more than two decades. Motivated by our love of perfection, we promise to provide a prompt installation process at a competitive price.

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Numerous industry players, including publishers, shipping companies, construction workers, retailers, electronics manufacturers, and automakers have long been big fans of our incredible boltless racking system that is not just locally made but also has been quality assured by SIRIM. You can count on your boltless rack Malaysia to be delivered and set up promptly with the assistance of our knowledgeable staff.

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Warehouse Building

The Features of Boltless Racks

A standard boltless rack, as the name implies, has different parts fastened together with rivets rather than traditional fasteners like bolts. This unique characteristic makes assembly very simple and quick, especially since no specialized equipment is needed. It is therefore a quick fix for people who have pressing storage issues. Every boltless rack supplier will come up with safety instructions to make sure the rack is placed appropriately. This kind of racking system is renowned for its remarkable stability and sturdiness. Not only that, boltless racks allow for a higher loading capacity level thanks to the spaciousness they create which in turn makes the stored products even more visible. They can also be easily personalized to various configurations depending on suitability and necessity.

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If you are searching for the finest boltless rack Malaysia, Synstech has got you covered! Feel free to contact us for more information and to place an order.