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For almost a quarter of a century now, Synstech has been positioning itself as one of the most prominent cantilever rack manufacturers in Malaysia. Driven by our passion for excellence, we are committed to ensuring a speedy installation process at a reasonable rate.

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The Story of Synstech

Our renowned industrial cantilever racks are widely used in the construction, logistics, and publishing industries. Additionally, our amazing cantilever warehouse racks have always been popular among automotive manufacturers, retail companies, and electronics makers. With the help of our team of experts, you can expect your racks to be dispatched and set up on time.

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Warehouse Building

Cantilever Systems: An Overview

At the very basic, a cantilever racking system is where almost any industrial material that is cumbersome, heavy, and long can be stored inside a warehousing area. It comprises four main components that create a roomy storage area when combined: arms, base, braces, and upright. Many industrial cantilever racks come in various forms such as structural, light-duty, I-beam, and roll-formed. Because this type of mechanism lacks vertical obstacles, a front column will not prevent users from using a forklift to load their product, making it a remarkably convenient choice. Many business owners seek help from cantilever rack manufacturers nowadays because the system itself can expand lateral storage spaces and meet high-capacity demands. On top of that, it is also easily movable and adaptable.

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Synctech offers some of the best cantilever warehouse racks in the market right now. Get in touch with us immediately to learn more about our amazing cantilever racking system.