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Since its establishment in 2000, Synstech has built an outstanding status as one of Malaysia’s top industrial pallet racks manufacturers. Having a burning desire for high standards as our igniting force, we are fully committed to providing timely installation assistance at an economical rate.

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Our spectacular warehouse pallet racks have long been a favorite among vehicle makers, shops, and electronics companies. It is not that difficult to find our racks being heavily utilized in other industries too including publishing, logistics, and construction. You can depend on our experienced personnel to help you set up and transport your racks on time.

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Why Pallet Racks Are a Great Choice

It is becoming more common these days to see manufacturers utilize industrial pallet racks at their workspace. Essentially, pallet racking is a method of material organization on metal shelves that involves rowing products on pallets. Forklifts can access the various levels of shelving using this particular mechanism. In most cases, warehouse pallet racks come in multiple variants such as double deep, push back, and selective. Some pallet racks are adjustable and movable while others can be identified by their compactness. When unused, the pallets are kept at vertical surfaces and horizontal sections. There are various benefits to palletizing products for later storage on industrial racking. They offer enhanced security and versatility in the shipment of goods, as well as improved packing and unpacking speeds. This ultimately lowers operating expenses.

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