Drive In/Thru Racking System

Eliminate aisles between racks to maximise space. Ideal for storing homogeneous, low-rotation products in large quantities.


Depending on the load and unload procedure and the accessibility to plan an ideal system.

Drive-in racking systems apply the LIFO (last in, first out) principle for loading and unloading. It will also include the guide rail in order to guide the lower pallet or straddle truck through the tunnel bay.


Drive-through racking system installations are loaded and unloaded according the FIFO (first in, first out) principle. One side of the rack system is used most often to load product while the other side can be used to unload the product.

Sturdy Racking System

The drive-in racking system protects the product from crushing and provides damage-free storage. The Synstech drive-in rack system allows for compact pallet storage while saving expensive floor space. Our drive-in racking system is built on the same frames as our well-known pallet racking system. It is wholly screwed in place and is especially well suited to heavy loads. The structures are connected at the top with struts that run side to side and front to back. Furthermore, horizontal and diagonal braces connect the uprights of each frame to ensure that all parts of the structure are solidly connected to provide excellent rigidity.

Step 1:

Site Visit & Evaluation 

We determine the project's objectives during the site inspection. When our crew arrives with the necessary tools, they will take measurements, inspect the building completely, and then share their findings with you, the customer.

Step 2:

Proposal Submittal

Your allocated sales representative will collaborate with the team to configure a strategy that will best meet your needs using the information gathered during the site inspection. The project idea will subsequently be presented for evaluation.

Step 3:

Contract Execution

Our crew starts working as soon as the contract is signed! Designing, submitting, and getting Building & High Pile Plans approved is our area of expertise.

Step 4:

Permit Approval & Material Delivery

In order to ensure that we are prepared to start installation as soon as permits are obtained, our team schedules material deliveries to coincide with those dates.

Step 5:


We have a professional, bonded, and insured installation team. We promise that your project will be successfully completed from beginning to end since we will have a Project Manager, an Install Manager, and a Head Foreman on site.

Step 6:

Inspection By The City & Client Sign Off

We plan the inspection and final walkthrough when installation is finished. The project receives approval from the relevant department if everything is in order.

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